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cancer , also called malignant tumor or malignant neoplasm , is a generic name of a group of diseases associated with abnormal cell growth potential for entry or spread to other parts of the body .
Ingredient Number of foods containing the ingredient
E102 Tartrazine 400
E127 erythrosine 134
E129 Allura Red AC 173
E211 sodium benzoate 1519
E250 sodium nitrite 1883
E319 butyl hydroquinone 20
E320 Butyl hydroxide anisole (BHA) 385
E407 carrageenan 2422
E553b magnesium trisilicate 28
E905 microcrystalline wax 13
E950 Acesulfame-K 842
E952 Cyclamic acid 165
E954 saccharin 409
hydrogenated vegetable oil 14755
acrylamide 15