The idea - What you eat

Everyone who wants to live well, should care first about their health. Food that takes a person is particularly important for health. It can both sick and heal.

Want to know what effects they have on your food shopping every day without having to have a medical degree or learn numbers and terms of ingredients? If so, this site / application will help you understand. Scan or find a product for which you suspect will be amazed what they contain things that you eat every day.

The project slowly evolved from a database of ingredients and foods containing them, to a more comprehensive picture of things related to food: Food Harmful ingredients Beneficial ingredients Organs Allergens Categories Diseases

A food contains certain ingredients that cause allergies and diseases of the organs in our body contains other beneficial ingredients that have beneficial effects on other organs. All this information is structured on the site and choosing body - you can see which ingredients and foods are good and which are bad for him. Choosing disease can see which ingredients cause the disease.
For some of the food is introduced and the degree of alkalinity / acidity.
If we fight against something that will only strengthen it. For this purpose, to put the focus on the useful food, I created a section Real food