The android application "What you eat" has an integrated barcode scanner , which can scan the bar code and get a number that is encoded in it . But if your device has installed one of the following barcode scanners :

It will prefer to use them because of the fact that they specialize in this. If desired by a user the possibility of adding other will be explored.

Except through the camera of your device , you can use your voice to dictate the numbers using the integration with Google Voice Google Voice . In - what you eat - you can dictate the ingredients when adding new product. Except some of the terms of the ingredients used in the foods , is doing quite well.

While there is no iOS version of the application , users of iphone / ipad can use the site , which is designed to be scaled to the size of the screen. You can use the following application to scan a barcode :
and Siri for dictation.