E150a (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name :

plain caramel

Group : Safe
Warning : For children is particularly harmful. Can cause hyperactivity.
Comment : Dark brown dye, which is derived from sucrose. Recommended to avoid its use. Used in oyster, soy, fruit and frozen sauces, beer, whiskey, biscuits, pickles.
Product Count ingredients
Le Cocktail
Poêlée campagnarde
Энергетический напиток Red Bull 330 мл.
milka caramel czekolada mleczna z nadzieniem karmelowym 280 g
mieszko amoretta czekoladki nadziewane 324 g
150gtm čoko s lieskovo
vifon ins polievka ka
Сладки глазирани с Roshen Konafetto Cream Walnut
Galaxy ball vanilla ice cream with cocoa coating
Трапезен Букет Дингес доза за чай
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