E160a (E 100-199 Dyes)
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Group : Safe
Warning : Can stain teeth and skin
Comment : Orange-yellow dye. In the human body turns into vitamin A. Accumulates in the liver. Located in carrots and other orange or yellow colored fruits and vegetables.
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Тесто песочное охлажденное Wewalka 250 гр.
eismann Himbeer-Meringue-Traum
Milka - ChocoCookie
Hubba Bubba Max sour cherry lemon
Mertinger PUDDING & Sahne - Vanille
Maxi Bourbon Vanille
творог зерненый "ласковое лето" персик, 5%, "савушкин продукт", 140г
manhattan ice dream lody o smaku waniliowym i czekoladowe 450 ml
Cappy Pulpy
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