E123 (E 100-199 Dyes)
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Group : Dangerous
Warning : Leads to hyperactivity in children
Comment : Banned in the USA, Russia, Austria and Norway. Prepared from herbal plants of the family Amaranthaceae. Used in cakes, fruit flavored fillings, gelatin crystals. Can provoke an attack of asthma, eczema and hyperactivity. In some experiments animals causing harm to the fetus and intrauterine death. It is possible to lead to the formation of tumors.
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Edna - Bio Vitalweckerl, glutenfrei
Brandt Mini Zwieback Müsli
Sesamstrasse Ernie & Bert Kekse
Govinda Pilger-Kugeln Amaranth-Konfekt Basic
Mazamorra Morada
отруби амарантоваые тм "didi", 250 г
каша "помогайка"
смесь орехи и фрукты "2с самый супер" 700 г.
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