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крем сыр ароматная зелень

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молоко цельное, сливки , соль пищевая, желатин, стабилизаторы, агент желирующий, хлорид калия, сахар, укроп сушёный, чеснок,
Product barcode '4600493811013' is produced in Russia .
Product causes allergy milk ;
Product causes the following disease : cardiovascular diseases - heart and cardiovascular system ;
Barcode Kilocalories per 100 grams Fat in 100 g. Protein in 100 grams carbohydrates in 100 grams Consumed quantity by default ( grams )
260.00 24.50 7.10 2.70 100.00
In the product were found:
No nutrients found.
- (E 900-999 Other)
Name : Fructose-glucose syrup
Group : Dangerous
Warning : Consumption in large quantities is dangerous to health. The liver fails to process it instantly into energy and converts it into fat. Increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance and diabetes.
Comment : Provides the body with only calories without minerals, vitamins and other nutrients.
E508 (E 500-599 Mineral salts, pH regulators and humectants)
Name : potassium chloride
Group : Safe
Warning : In large quantities can lead to gastric ulcers.
Comment : In large quantities can lead to gastric ulcers.
- (E 900-999 Other)
Name : Salt
Group :
Warning : Needed by the body , but in small quantities .
Comment : Overuse of salt leads to cardiovascular diseases , eye diseases , and overall deterioration of health .