E151 (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name :

Brilliant Black BN, Black PN

Group : Dangerous
Warning : Dangerous! Do not use!
Comment : Banned in Denmark, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Austria, USA, Norway. A synthetically produced from coal tar. Used in brown sauces, blackcurrant cake mixes.
Product Count ingredients
chewing gum \
chewing gum with sugar with peach flavor \
spicy ketchup peter and paul
professional orbits XXL forest fruit mints mints without sugar 30 g (30 miętusów )
Dr. Oetker . orange flavor to cakes , 9 ml
vigor forest fruit coctails
orbit professional mints , forest fruit
Ice Cream \u0026 quot; strawberry souffle \u0026 quot;
samarsbi with raspberry flavor
Szynka SERRANO - Kraina Wędlin
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