E627 (E 600-699 flavors and flavor enhancers)
Name :

Disodium guanylate

Group : Suspicious
Warning : Be avoided by asthmatics and people with gout!
Comment : Obtained from sardines or yeast. May worsen the course of gout.
Product Count ingredients
Crabe des mers chaudes - Morceaux et pattes
Instant Noodles vegetable - VITASIA
Buchstaben Suppe
Klare Fleischsuppe Pulver
Maggi Hühner Suppe +25% Gratis
Yumyum Thai spicy seafood flavour
maretti bruschette spinach & cheese брускетти maretti bruschette шпинат и сыр , 70 г
сухарики "компашки" со вкусом красной икры 110 г.
wiejskie ziemniaczki koperek chipsy ziemniaczane 130 g
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