E951 (E 900-999 Other)
Name :


Group : Dangerous
Warning : Can cause allergic reactions.
Comment : Artificial sweetener with many side effects. Some people are allergic to it, the most common side effect with their migraine pain.
Product Count ingredients
Mentos Ice Blast Chewing Gum
Stimorol fresh green mint
Wrigley's - Extra Professional Peppermint
Wrigley's Orbit White Ohne Zucker
Nimms leicht Schokopudding
заменитель сахара в таблетках тм "novasweet" acpartam, 150 таблеток
напиток безалкогольный сильногазированный низкокалорийный "пепси африкана", ароматизированный, 0,6 л
coca-cola light 2л
Serino лимонада
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