E100 (E 100-199 Dyes)
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Group : Safe
Warning : Turmeric extract
Comment : Prepared from roots of turmeric but may be produced synthetically. Used in cheese, margarine, baked sweets.
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Paella Valenciana Poulet, Fruits de mer, Chorizo Zapetti
Au'Some - Candy Necklaces
Dubble Bubble Gum Balls Refills
m&m's Peanuts
Smarties Mini
хлеб ароматный (0,35 кг)
пирожное заварное "регион продукт" со сгущенным молоком, 265 г
(0)|(22) brown HT
Leads to hyperactivity in children
Ulcers and cancer.
Fructose-glucose syrup
Consumption in large quantities is dangerous to health. The liver fails to process it instantly into energy and converts it into fat. Increases the risk of cardiovascular problems, insulin resistance and diabetes.
hydrogenated vegetable oil
Increases the amount of bad cholesterol, and is a factor in the preparation of cardio-vascular diseases. More dangerous than animal fats. It is believed it causes many other diseases: Alzheimer's, cancer, diabetes, disorders of liver functions belong.
sorbic acid
Possible skin irritant
potassium sorbate
No evidence of adverse side effects
calcium acetate
Attention in case of hypersensitivity from vinegar!
Laxative effect!
polysorbate 60
Recommended to avoid its use.
Stomach problems at high doses
Intestinal problems. Prohibited for infants!
Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
Intestinal problems. Prohibited for infants!
Intestinal problems. Prohibited for infants!
Artificial flavor
It has undefined effects on health. It is preferable to not consume it.
Turmeric extract
High doses can lead to stomach disorders, appetite suppression, and heavy sweating.
Sodium citrate
No evidence of adverse effects.
sodium phosphate
Taken in large quantities to disturb the normal ratio of calcium and phosphorus in the body.
Glycerides of fatty acids
No evidence of adverse effects.
Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids
No evidence of adverse effects.
Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate
No evidence of adverse effects.
Needed by the body , but in small quantities .
сыр базирон васаби, "veldhuyzen kaas",4 кг
pribinacek v banan 125
Gallina Blanca - Yatekomo
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