E223 (E 200-299 Preservatives)
Name :

sodium metabisulphite

Group : Suspicious
Warning : Attention in hypersensitivity!
Comment : Derived from coal tar. All sulfur compounds are toxic and their use should be limited. Can cause an asthma attack. Tough metabolism in individuals with impaired kidney function. Destroys vitamin B1. Used in beer, soft drinks, dried fruit, juices, stimulants, wine, vinegar, tomato products.
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aldi sun quench 50% hi juice orange
Крекер Янтарный с солью 235 гр.
provitus wasabi ostry sos chrzanowy 170 g Хрен Provitus "Васаби" 170 гр.
Хрен Kuhne со сливками 250 гр.
Bonduelle La Parisienne
Carat - Kartoffelbrei mit Röstzwiebeln
enjoy Fusilli
Sour Winegums
340gbiele cibuuky v ky
330gsušienky pl krémom
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