E160b (E 100-199 Dyes)
Name :

Annatto, bixin, norbixin

Group : Dangerous
Warning : Risk of allergies and eczema
Comment : Dangerous. Recommended to avoid its use. Red dye. Derived from a tree (Bixa orellana). It is used for coloring and body tissues. Aids digestion and expectoration. Used for coloring cheese, butter, margarine, cereals, snacks, soaps, textiles and nail polish. Can cause urticaria.
Product Count ingredients
Duo Raclette (26% MG) Nature & Cumin - 400 g - RichesMonts
Raclette (26% MG) en tranches - 400 g - Cora
Edna - Pizzazunge Broccoli-Paprika
Edna - Pizzazunge Salami
Nestlé Griessdessert
Nestlé la Laitière Mousse de Viennois Vanille
набор сладостей мучных "джаз", 900г
сладости мучные "фирменные", 350г
сыр в ломтиках гауда «dziugas», 170г
сыр "uniekaas" выдержанная голландская гауда 48% 150 г.
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